Fiber Test and Orientation Reporting

To view test reports of Plug and Play™, EDGE™ and EDGE8® Solutions modules, trunks, harnesses, and jumpers:
  1. Select the drop-down box to search by your Corning Order Number or the serial number on the product. To see where the serial number is located, click here.
  2. Type the sales order number or serial number in the search bar and click search. Your report will be provided in PDF format. Multiple serial numbers (upto 20) can be entered by separating with a comma.
    *Note if only searching for modules, please utilize the serial number function only.
  3. If your serial number begins with 0, use the prefix ‘S#’ when searching.
  4. If you don't obtain a result for your Sales Order number, put a '000' in front of it and try again.
  5. Having problems finding your results? Try these troubleshooting tips
  6. For Corning Order Number or any other assistance, please reach out to our Customer Care team at or